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Welcome to the Underwater World!!!

And thank you for your interest In SCUBA diving.  We are happy and prepared to share our passion for the underwater world with you.  We, here at Submerged SCUBA, are focused on making your underwater adventure an absolutely amazing, safe, and rewarding experience.  We focus on imparting the most up-to-date training and gear approaches, fundamental education, and individual bases learning.  We would love to know what inspired you to learn how to SCUBA so we can both get to know you as well as tailor a path into SCUBA by individualizing your training, gear selection, and trips.  This road map will provide a clear direction for us to help you achieve your underwater dreams.   This is your journey, we are happy to help you along the way.

To get started, let's once again ask ourselves what our inspiration to dive is?  While we all start off with the same beginner class, Open Water SCUBA Diver, our reasons for being there allow for different perspectives on the same material, learning, and skills.   This is a great time to interact with your instructor, get his guidance and help on what is next and what to truly focus upon.   This class provides the foundation for your time underwater, teaching you the basics of physics and physiology, marine ecosystems, history of SCUBA diving, as well risk mediating underwater skills, dive planning, and how to actually plan and execute a dive both safely and enjoyably.

This class is divide into four parts, e-learning / self study, classroom / zoom sessions, pool / confined water sessions, and open water dives.  Once you sign up for your course we will email you an e-learning code as well as a bevy of forms and waivers for you to look over before class begins.  This e-learning code will walk you through your self study, chapter by chapter, with quizzes and a final exam to check your retention of the information.  It also allows you the freedom to get started at your own pace and schedule before our classroom session.  The classroom session is a chance to reinforce the material from the e-learning, provide further information, clarify any questions missed or concerns from the e-learning, and hands on experience of the gear.  It also allows the class to get to know one another and start building dive buddies.  The classroom session lasts about 8 hours and is usually divided into two 4 hour sessions over the weekday evenings or one 8 hour session on a weekend.   Next we spend about 5 hours together in a pool or other confined water site with pool like conditions and go over basic diving skills and risk mitigation techniques.  Once these are mastered (calm, repeatable, and safe) we will move to do a minimum of 4 dives in the open water.  We will practice the previously mastered skills but the main focus will be to get you and your dive buddies to learn how to execute dives from A to Z with your final dive being completely planned and executed with your instructor there only for supervision.  Once all of these steps are complete, the paperwork is done, and you and your instructor are satisfied that you are comfortable and confident to dive at the Open Water diver level, you will be a certified SCUBA diver.

Congratulations! You have EARNED a SCUBA certification that is good for the rest of your life, anywhere around the world.   (We do ask that if you haven't been diving in a year or more to get a refresher course by a trained professional)  Now you are ready to continue your adventure.  Let's circle back to that original question of what brought you to the underwater world and plan your next adventure, training, trips and gear.  How can we help you achieve your goals on your time line and your budget?  How can we help facilitate, what we strongly believe to be, the greatest adventure of your life?

Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification or to sign up for your class.  We have also left a link below to our Open Water Diver Course.  Thank you for your interest in SCUBA diving and for choosing us at Submerged SCUBA as your partner in that adventure.

Open Water SCUBA Diver
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