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Gas Fill Policy


Air fills: You must show proof of being a certified diver to have a cylinder filled.

Enriched air fills: Proof of proper training and/or certification card must be presented to receive a fill between EAN22 and EAN40.

Technical gas fills: Fills over EAN40 requires a Technical Diver or equivalent certification. Helium mixes require a Trimix Diver or equivalent, also a Hypoxic Trimix certification or equivalent is required for any blends with oxygen blends below 21%.

Cylinder Requirements

VIP: A visual inspection of the cylinder, by a qualified inspector, with proper cylinder evidence or label, must have been done within the past 12 months. Generic VIP stickers that do not identify the inspector will be not be considered valid.

Hydro: Hydro-static test must have done within the past five years

6351-T6 alloy: We will fill aluminum 6351-T6 alloy cylinders ONLY if a visual inspection and eddy current test has been conducted by Tech Dive Center or a testing facility approved by Tech Dive Center.

We will also examine the tank for abnormalities such as:

  • Exterior damage
  • Recent painting
  • Leaks
  • Odor from contents
  • Loose interior contents
  • Evidence of exposure to high temperatures
  • Lack of or modifications to overpressure burst disk

We reserve the right to refuse to fill any cylinder, for any reason, with or without justification.

Filling Procedures

No fills over the stamped working pressure.
Fill at or below a rate of 600psi per minute.
Not responsible for cylinders left for more than 30 days.

Contents Labeling

Any tank labeled "Enriched Air" or "Nitrox", should be analyzed by the owner or user to confirm oxygen content.

All blends other than air, EAN21, must be analyzed and documented by the owner or user when the cylinder is picked up.

Industry standard labels should be used to document the analyzed blends on the actual cylinder, which include: Oxygen content, Maximum Operating Depth(MOD), date, cylinder pressure, and identification of the analyzer and user.

Gas fill rates

$6 per cylinder - Air up to 80cf to 3000psi (Most common "aluminum 80" cylinder)
$9 per cylinder - Air over 80cf or over 3000psi
$15 per cylinder - Enriched Air up to 32%
$0.50 per cf - Oxygen***
$2.00 per cf - Helium***
*** = Upon availability as custom blends, extra handling charge may apply.

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