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Inflator Service Valve Tool w/ O-ring Kit


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The stainless steel Inflator Service Tool has three openings that allow easy disassembly of the widely used generic power inflators found on most tek BC aircells including those from Dive Rite, Halcyon, Highland, HOG, Hollis, IST Dolphin, Light Monkey, OMS, OxyCheq, White Arrow and others. The tool will NOT work for proprietary inflators as found on Aqualung, Cressi, Genesis, Mares, Oceanic, and ScubaPro; those inflators are not user serviceable. The tool includes a complete set of replacement oxygen compatible O-rings.

  • 1/2" hex wrench for the low pressure quick release nipple
  • Special spanner with two bent tangs which fit the slots in the inlet valve cartridge assembly and facilitates its easy removal
  • 3/8" hex to keep the end of the valve spool in place while removing the plastic button from the cartridge valve assembly
  • Handwheel nut driver used to service scuba valves.
  • Includes the five O-rings found in the power inflation mechanism: 112-V90B, 012-V90B, 011-V90B, and two 006-V75B.

The manual exhaust is not pressurized and operates independently of the power inflation mechanism. On some designs it requires an uncommon deep well socket tool for disassembly. The manual exhaust contains an additional O-ring that we've never seen fail. We don't recommend disassembling the manual exhaust assembly, and so we don't include the manual exhaust O-ring in the kit.

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