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High Pressure Braided Hose

Size: 4 Inch

Price:  $ 27.95 
Out of Stock

Size: 6 Inch

Price:  $ 31.95 
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Size: 9 Inch

Price:  $ 31.95 
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Size: 24 Inch

Price:  $ 36.95 
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Size: 26 Inch

Price:  $ 37.95 
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Size: 30 Inch

Price:  $ 38.95 
Out of Stock

Size: 32 Inch

Price:  $ 39.95 
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Size: 36 Inch

Price:  $ 40.95 
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Size: 40 inch

Price:  $ 41.95 
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These double braided flex high pressure hoses are made specifically for scuba diving with a woven Kevlar layer and chromed brass fittings.

  • Double-braiding resists snags and abrasions
  • Kink resistant Kevlar layer - chromed brass fittings
  • More flexible - 1/3 lighter - UV resistant
  • 7/16-inch male to 1st stage - 7/16-inch female to SPG
  • All hoses are Nitrox Ready

Although the Kevlar makes them not as flexible as low pressure double braided hoses, they are still more flexible than ordinary rubber HP hoses. This hose has a typical outside diameter that works better with hose boots and consoles. All these high pressure flex SCUBA hoses have chromed brass fittings and are designed to conform to the EN 250:2014 standard with a maximum working pressure of {5000 psi | 350 bar} and a burst pressure rating of {22000 PSI | 1500 BAR}. All these HP hoses are Nitrox Ready.

The typical HP hose is a 7/16-inch male at the end that screws into the first stage HP port and a 7/16-inch female swivel at the end that screws on to the SPG. Our most popular HP hoses are {24 in | 61 cm} long for doubles, {26 in | 66 cm} long for singles, and {30 in | 76 cm} long for consoles.


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