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John and Scott are two amazing individuals who love to dive and love to have more people to dive with, and to be able to get people interested in diving. They will try as hard as possible to make you feel comfortable with all the equipment and knowledge. Not speaking about their instructor prowess, which is top notch, they are genuinely excellent people who want nothing more than to share a deep passion for what diving. I could not speak more highly of them if I tried.



My father and I both got certified through the Tech Dive Center. Could not imagine a better group to have gone through. They made everything fun, educational, and exciting. Not only that, but they make it easy for each student to see what an amazing sport/hobby scuba diving can be. Each instructor is visibly excited to be teaching and combine that excitement with professionalism for their profession to make for an overall awesome experience. I wouldn't look any further than here for any scuba queries! But if you need to find a place away from Blacksburg, they are willing and able to help find reliable dive shops in your area!



Recently did a Discover SCUBA with Tech Dive Center and it was fantastic. Easy to work with everyone I talked to, and the staff here were VERY friendly, as opposed to my two local dive shops who were very rude. I am glad that I have another option, even though it is a bit of a drive for me. Thanks to the staff for keeping customer service a priority.



I went on a trip to Florida with these guys to complete my certification and had the time of my life! Extremely fun and friendly, incredibly professional. They clearly do it because they love diving and want to show you how awesome it is beneath the surface. Five out of five, can't wait to go again!


  • 690 Radford Street
    Christiansburg, Virginia 24073
  • Text/Call: (540) 315-1020
  • Email:
  • Hours: Mon - Thu  |  11:30 - 5:30
                 or by appointment